Cultural Corridors of South East Europe

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European Capitals of Culture

European Capitals of Culture

The European City of Culture project was launched, at the initiative of Melina Mercouri (then Minister of Culture in Greece), by the Council of Ministers on 13 June 1985. It has become ever more popular with the citizens of Europe and has seen its cultural and socio-economic influence grow through the many visitors it has attracted.
The European Capitals of Cultural project contributes to bringing the peoples of Europe together. It is possible with the financial support of the European Commission framework programme Culture.
Athens (Greece) was the first city to host the Institution of the European Capital of Culture, in 1985. Ever since, each year, one or more cities turn the spotlight on its cultural heritage and launch a series of cultural activities involving broad sectors of the population.

South East Europe is proud to present its European Capitals of Culture:
Athens (Greece) – 1985
Thessaloniki (Greece) – 1997
Patras (Greece) – 2006
Sibiu (Romania) and Luxembourg (Grand Duchy of Luxembourg) – sharing the role of European Capital of Culture in 2007

Information source: European Capitals of Culture, Culture official website