Cultural Corridors of South East Europe

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Council of Europe

Council of Europe

The Council of Europe, the oldest political European organisation, grouping 46 member states, can boast a genuine pan-European dimension, representing Greater Europe.
Council of Europe action in the field of heritage is unique because it is one of the few organisations today which promotes ethical and normative principles in that field. It facilitates exchange of information on policies and best practice and involves civil society in these policies, providing citizens with a sense of identity and belonging thanks to our common European heritage.

Mr. Mikhaël DE THYSE, Council of Europe

Council of Europe Headquarters, Strasbourg

The basis of the Council of Europe's work in the field of education, culture, heritage, sport and youth is the European Cultural Convention.
The main objective of the Council of Europe in the field of cultural and natural heritage is to raise awareness of common European heritage and cooperation for its preservation. To this end the organization has launched different specialized programmes thus helping cultural communities to discover and understand one another and at the same time, constitutes a development asset.

South East Europe countries take part in these programmes developing trans-national cooperation networks and exchanging experiences in the fields of protection, promotion, legislation and sustainable development of cultural and natural heritage.

Information source: Council of Europe official website