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The Museum of Bucharest City

The Museum of Bucharest City


Corridor: Eastern Trans-Balkan Road
Country: Romania, Bucharest
The Museum of Bucharest City

The museum settled in 1921, contains over 400.000 historical objects who give relevance of the city memory - facts, events and personalities.

The Sutu Palace has been raised between 1833-1834, following the plans of two architects
from Vienna Johan Veit and Conrad Schwinck, and being meant for the great
postelnic Costache Sutu. The aspect of the palace – neogothic on the outside – is marked
by four small polygonal towers, placed in couples on the north and south sides of the palace.

The second half of the nineteen century has been – for the now famous building – the most glamorous period, celebrated at luxurious balls, organized by Grigore and Irina Sutu. The palace was in those times surrounded by vast gardens, animated by pelicans, peacocks, pheasants, and other rear birds. The glamour of the palace was known and recognized by the Bucharest aristocracy, but also by the travelers, whose notes remained for us reference points for reconstructing mentally the old Bucharest