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Franciscan Monastery Kraljeva Sutjeska

Franciscan Monastery Kraljeva Sutjeska


Corridor: Diagonal Road
Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kraljeva Sutjeska
Franciscan Monastery Kraljeva Sutjeska

Here you can find the largest collection of incunabulas in Bosnia.

An incunabula is a book from the very beginnings of printing, published before the year 1500. They can be divided into two groups: those printed from wood blocks onto which each page was cut individually (tabular), and books printed using the movable type invented by J. Gutenberg (typographic).
The Incunabula Collection is part of the Monastery Library. Two types of books make this library particularly important and interesting. They are the incunabula and older works of local writers.
The Incunabula Collection is particularly important because of the total number located in Bosnia and Herzegovina (51), 22 can be found here.

ADDRESS: 72244 Kraljeva Sutjeska, Bosnia-Herzegovina
TELEPHONE: 072 779-015