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National Museum Belgrade

National Museum Belgrade


Corridor: Diagonal Road, Danube Road
Country: Serbia, Belgrade
National Museum Belgrade

The Museum's collections have over 400,000 most representative and superior archeological, historical and art works today - Lepenski Vir (7th millennium B.C.), the Vinca statues (6-5th millennium B.C.), the Dupljaja Chariot (16-13th century B.C.), golden masks from Trebeniste (6th century B.C.), household sets from Jabucje (1st century A.D.), the Belgrade Cameo (4th century), Miroslav's Gospel (12th century), King Radoslav's coins (13th century), medieval frescoes, bowl from Vracevsnica (17th century), paintings of Paja Jovanovic (19th century) or Sava Sumanovic (20th century).

Narodni muzej
Trg Republike 1a
11000 Beograd
Tel.: 381 11/624-322