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"The Shooting of the cock"

About the event

Corridor: Eastern Trans-Balkan Road
Country: Romania, Brasov county

Place: Apata, Barsa's Country

This year, on Easter's second day the members of the Magyar community from Apata took part in "The Shooting of the Cock", their specific feast.
The people accompanied the young men who were dressed in their national costumes to the end of the village where they "judged" and "executed" the cock. According to the legend told by the natives the cock with its song betrayed the hiding place of the villagers during an enemy invasion. Since then, the cock is not the symbol of the bird that with its song announces the crack of dawn, sending away the darkness. It has gained a negative connotation being guilty because its song brought sorrow at that time. That is why every year, on Easter's first day the people perform this scenario of condemning and executing the cock.
Although many aspects of this custom changed and the meanings are not known, the tradition is still kept, the entire community taking part in this collective celebration.