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The Fire Wheel (Roata de Foc)

The Fire Wheel (Roata de Foc)

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Corridor: Eastern Trans-Balkan Road
Country: Romania, Brasov county
The Fire Wheel (Roata de Foc)

Sinca Noua - 5 miles away from Fagaras and 20 miles away from Brasov

One of the many celebrations marking the beginning of the Orthodox Lent, The Fire Wheel is a spectacular nocturnal ritual. The villagers of Sinca Noua gather that evening at the bottom of the hill on which lads in traditional dress hold a “judgment” for those who didn't respect the rules of the community. After calling the names of those who broke the rules of the community, hay wheels are led on fire as a symbol of purification and launched from the top of the hill. After the event, the villagers gather in the center of the village and celebrate with traditional food, dances and music. Center for Preservation and Promotion of Traditional Customs, Brasov
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