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Groznjan and the Art of Music

Groznjan and the Art of Music

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Corridor: Via Adriatica
Country: Croatia, Groznjan
Groznjan and the Art of Music

Groznjan is a small picturesque medieval town devoted to artists located at the top of a hill covered with old vineyards and olive gardens, not far from the Istrian coast.
In 1965 Groznjan was declared a “Town of Artists”, for members of Croatian and Slovenian artists’ associations moved in and saved the town from further decline, transforming the abandoned houses into an art colony that has since become a place of residence and work for many of them.
Jeunesses Musicales Croatia was founded in 1954 and is a member of Jeunesses Musicales International - JMI. The International Cultural Centre of Jeunesses Musicales Croatia in Groznjan – a place to meet and promote culture and art among youth – has been running since 1969.
The program is made up of several parts: music projects (master's courses for individual instruments, the work of the orchestra, chamber orchestras, choirs), non-musical projects (dance, theatre, comic strip, film, architecture, ethnology, journalism), other programs (visiting ensembles and orchestras, seminars by other associations and international organisations, humanitarian activities) and concert activities (the "Groznjan Summer of Music" – concerts by participants of the courses, their leaders, visiting soloists, chamber orchestras, orchestras and choirs in Groznjan and other places around Istria).
Participation in the Centre's programs allows future professional in the field of music from Croatia and abroad to perfect their art under the mentorship of recognized experts, to get acquainted with modern teaching techniques and to present their own creative and performing capabilities.