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Art Park in Rhodes

Art Park in Rhodes

About the event

Corridor: Western Trans-Balkan Road, Via Anatolia
Country: Greece, Rhodes, Dodecanese
Art Park in Rhodes

The Art Park is a private gallery organized and financed by Damon, who is an artist and a musician and his wife Emily. The Art Park is a non-profit open-air Art Exhibition on the island of Rhodes in Greece, a thematic park that combines music, art and nature. It is under the shield of the local municipality.
The goal of this gallery is to promote art and music among peoples of different nations. Therefore, the gallery embraces young artists and musicians who are eager to present their work.
The Art Park is not only an exhibition place but also a working place for artists who come to Rhodes can have their own space in the outdoor workshops, where they can create their art and sell it to the visitors.The Art Park is situated in Arhipolis.