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The “Youth” from Schei - A Spring Custom

The “Youth” from Schei - A Spring Custom

About the event

Corridor: Eastern Trans-Balkan Road
Country: Romania, Brasov county
The “Youth” from Schei - A Spring Custom

Place: Brasov
Time: first week after Easter
The Pageant of the Juni (Junii Brasovului)
A spectacular celebration with ancient roots takes place in Brasov every year. The “Juni” (meaning "young men" in Latin) from Schei (a former traditional Romanian village, now a district of Brasov) ride through the town dressed up in amazing costumes and followed by brass bands. Some of the costumes are over 150 years old and one of them is sewn with some 40000 spangles. The parade from Unirii Square - the historic center of Schei – to the Old Town Council Square in Brasov and then towards the Solomon’s Rocks has been preserved without changes across centuries. The feast ends with a rustic party at “Solomon’s Rocks”.
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