Cultural Corridors of South East Europe

How to Use Quicktime Panorama


How to download QuickTime

If the movies and panoramas are not starting you have to download and install the latest version of QuickTime. You can do this from here.

How to use QuickTime movies

Through QuickTime you can start the short films for the site. On the lower frame of the window there re buttons for turning the film “on” and “off” or simply for looking the next picture in it.

Enjoy the film J !

How to navigate QuickTime panoramas

QTVR movies display three-dimensional places (panoramas) with which the user can interact. With a QTVR panorama, it's as if you're standing in the scene and you can look around you up to 360 degrees in any direction.

To pan through a QTVR movie, drag the cursor through the scene. To zoom in or out, click the + or - button.

Some QTVR movies have hot spots that take you from one scene (or node) to another. As you move the mouse over a hot spot, the cursor changes to an arrow. To see all the places where you can jump from one node in a scene to another, click the Show Hot Spot button (an arrow with a question mark in it). A translucent blue outline of any hot spots within the currently visible VR scene appears. (If there are no hot spots, clicking this button has no effect.) Click a hot spot to jump to a new scene. Have fun:)