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Church of Saint Apostles Peter and Paul, Palackovci

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Church of Saint Apostles Peter and Paul, Palackovci

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Corridor: Diagonal Road
Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Palackovci
Type: Christian religious centre
Epoch: Modern Times
Theme: Christian Monasteries
World Heritage:
Modern TimesChristian MonasteriesChristian religious centre

The church in Pala?kovci is dedicated to the apostles Sts. Peter and Paul. Tradition has it that the church dates back in the distant past. The year of construction of this church is 1843, which is evident from the inscription carved on the top of the doorjamb on the western façade of the place of worship. Although the church was built in the 19th century, one of its features is that it does not have large dimensions. Its simple basis, lacking apse, and modest dimensions lead one to the conclusion that it must have been built a lot earlier and that 1843 was the year of its reconstruction. With harmony and precision of its architectural arrangement, and richness and diversity of decorative elements, the church in Pala?kovci stands out as a special achievement in the group of log-built structures in Krajina. It surpasses them all with its luxurious shapes, new elements and rich decoration.

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