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Tesanj -Eminagica Konak

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Tesanj -Eminagica Konak

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Corridor: Diagonal Road
Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Tesanj
Type: Vernacular Architecture
Epoch: Modern Times
Theme: Vernacular Architecture
World Heritage:
Modern TimesVernacular ArchitectureVernacular Architecture

The Eminagic house is one of the oldest and finest examples of residential architecture of the town of Tesanj. The exact date of construction is unknown, but it is assumed that the house dates back to the first half of the 19th century. In the first geodetic survey of Tesanj, conducted in 1882, the building figures with the same dimensions as today.
The Eminagic house belongs to the type of buildings with a dimaluk or central vertical chimney designed to lead the smoke up into the attic space. From today's perspective, this kind of house is environment-friendly, both in the way it is arranged and in the choice of building materials. The building has a complex ground plan with a basement storage space and living quarters on the ground and first floor. The basement walls are built of solid trebava stone, while the load-bearing walls of the ground and first floor are constructed of wooden posts and struts with wattle and daub filling. The entire upper floor of the Eminagić house, with the exception of the rear, has an overhang of about 50 cm; with the three trapezoid doksats or oriel windows set in the geometrical centre of the house, and the large number of windows, this adds greatly to the appearance of the facade.

Council of Europe, RPSEE