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Valia Kalda

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Valia Kalda

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Corridor: Via Adriatica
Country: Greece, Grevena
Type: Cultural Landscape
World Heritage:
Cultural Landscape

The national forest of Pindos (Valia Kalda) is one of the largest and probably the most significant in Greece. The area was declared a national forest in 1966, in order for the local authorities to be able to preserve the exquisite flora and fauna that thrives in the area. Vast forests, some of them almost 400 years old, consisted of rare species of deciduous and coniferous trees, cover the mountainous landscape of Pindos mountain range. The rushing streams, the threatening almost bottomless precipices, the distant snow-capped mountain peaks and the numerous alpine lakes and ponds compose a poem to the glory of nature and fill the senses with the pure essence of nature. The flora of the forest is at least impressive. Rare species of wild flowers and alpine trees have found here a place to thrive. The fauna of the national park consist of 78 bird species and an undetermined number of mammals and other animals. Among them the last few brown bears surviving in the wild. The rivers, streams and lakes of the area are home to many species of aqueous and amphibian life. Among them a number of otters. In this majestic setting the surrounding villages of Samarina, Perivoli and Smicsi blend harmonically into the landscape, ideal places of rest after a fulfilling and rewarding excursion in nature.

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