Cultural Corridors of South East Europe

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Corridor: Via Anatolia
Country: Turkey, Aydin
Type: Ancient Site
Epoch: Antiquity
Theme: Antiquity
World Heritage:
AntiquityAntiquityAncient Site

Aphrodisias is located on the Maeander River basin, in a fertile Aegean valley near Aydin in western Anatolia. The settlement had a long and prosperous existence from the 1st century B.C. through the 6th century A.D. Today many of the ancient monuments remain standing, and excavations have unearthed numerous fine marble statues and other artifacts from the Ionian and Roman periods. Evidence suggests that the settlement housed a distinguished “school” of sculpture, from where products of the workshops as well as the craftsmen themselves were distributed throughout the Roman Empire. Important monuments include the Temple of Aphrodite, the Theater, the Baths of Hadrian, the Agora, the Basilica and the Stadium.

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