Cultural Corridors of South East Europe

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Corridor: Via Anatolia
Country: Turkey, Izmir
Type: Ancient Site
Epoch: Antiquity
World Heritage:
AntiquityAncient Site

According to legend, the city was founded by Androclos on the lands inhabited by the Lelegians and Carians earlier. The area must have been colonized no later than 10th century B.C. by the Ionians. The settlement moved its location and changed its name to Ayasulug during the late Roman and early Byzantine period, and continued thus through the Byzantine, Seljukid and Ottoman periods. Evidence of all these cultures may be seen in the area today. The Temple of Artemis is accepted as one of the Seven Wonders of the World.Other important monuments include the Agoras, the Theatre, the Marble Road, Celsus Library and the Terrace Houses, the Church of St. John and Isa Bey Mosque.

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