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Palace in Gornja Bedekovcina

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Palace in Gornja Bedekovcina

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Corridor: Diagonal Road
Country: Croatia, Gornja Bedekovcina
Type: Vernacular Architecture
Epoch: Modern Times
World Heritage:
Modern TimesVernacular Architecture

The palace at Gornja Bedekovcina (1750), the work of a Styrian master, is of simple shape, but with the typical baroque roof construction of the same height as the actual building. With its spacious entrance hall, rising the height of two floors (at the back) and its main hall (salon) on the upper floor (at the front), from which rooms lead off on either side, this is the prototype of the one-wing Zagorje palace of the second half of the 18th century. However, the new high baroque type of palace, modelled on Versailles, is the three-wing building with an open U-shaped ground plan, set in a park.

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