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Fortified (Kula) House Groserea

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Fortified (Kula) House Groserea

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Corridor: Western Trans-Balkan Road
Country: Romania, Gorj
Type: Vernacular Architecture
Epoch: Modern Times
Theme: Vernacular Architecture
World Heritage:
Modern TimesVernacular ArchitectureVernacular Architecture

The fortified houses (kula) were a specific development in architecture in the 18th and early 19th century, due to the need for protection against burglars and enemies in search for pray. Erected mid 18th century, the fortified house (kula) Grosera represents one of the most advanced design in its cathegory, widely spread in the hill counties of Oltenia Region. The presence of the uper storey mirador gives the construction a refined elegance still retaining its defensive utilitarian appearance.

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