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Skadar Lake and Zabljak of Crnojevici

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Skadar Lake and Zabljak of Crnojevici

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Corridor: Via Adriatica
Country: Montenegro, Cetinje, Skadar Lake
Type: Fortress, Cultural Landscape
Epoch: Middle Ages
Theme: Fortresses
World Heritage:
Middle AgesFortressesFortressCultural Landscape

Lake Skadar (Skhodra), the largest lake in South Eastern Europe, is on a border between Serbia and Montenegro and Albania. The Montenegrin part of the lake and surrounding area were declared as the national park in 1983. If you enjoy bird watching visit Lake Skadar. More than 270 bird species, among which some of the last pelicans in Europe live in one of the largest bird reserves in Europe. You can also visit numerous picaresque villages and historical monuments in an area around the lake.
One of them is  the fortress Zabljak of Crnojevici , dated back to the 15th century. It was probably the residence of Ljes Crnojevic who ruled at the time mentioned, between 1403 and 1437. Between 1466 and 1478 the town was the residence of Stefan Crnojevic who reinforced the fortifications using the Venetian military engineering system. Zabljak is defended by powerful-towered ramparts with an entrance gate. There are remains of the Church of St. Djordje, transformed into a mosque, as well as remains of residential and economical buildings and a water tank.

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