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Sargan 8 Railroad

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Sargan 8 Railroad

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Corridor: Diagonal Road
Country: Serbia, Sargan Mountain, Uzice
Type: Industrial Site
Epoch: 20th Century
World Heritage:
20th CenturyIndustrial Site

A very well known tells us that a local prophet and story teller, Mitar Tarabic, hundred and more years ago, foreseen that in the mountain of Sargan a railroad would be built. He said also the road would be used for a while, and closed. But after a long time, people will repair this road and use it, with only one aim - relaxation and pleasure. Thus we find there today fifteen kilometers of the narrow gauge railroad. It passes passing through one of the most picturesque parts of Serbia, following strange double 8 route embracing Sargan Mountain. The railroad with its 22 tunnels, 10 bridges and three stations is a real masterpiece of railway engineering. After 1970 the narrow gauge train were closed, but the railroad was repaired in 2004 and became the most attractive monument of Serbian industrial heritage.