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Asagi Pinar Kirklareli

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Asagi Pinar Kirklareli

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Corridor: Via Pontica
Country: Turkey, Kirklareli
Type: Ancient Site
Theme: Antiquity
World Heritage:
AntiquityAncient Site

The prehistoric site, being excavated since 1993, has revealed a cultural sequence between 6 200 - 4 800 B.C. The earliest habitation layer signifies the first appearance of rural farming life in the Balkans. Domestication of animals such as sheep, goat, cattle, pigs, acculturation of plants such as wheat, barley, construction of domestic houses and production of clay vessels were introduced to the Balkans after having developed in Anatolia by immigrant farmers, who adapted their way of life to their new environment. The later cultural phases are very similar in character to Bulgaria.

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