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Rhodope cuisine

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Corridor: Diagonal Road, Eastern Trans-Balkan Road
Country: Bulgaria, Smolyan
Type: Intangible Heritage
Theme: Intangible Heritage
World Heritage:
Intangible HeritageIntangible Heritage

The spirit of the Rhodope Mountains can be tasted – thanks to the superb Rhodope dishes. The picturesque villages tucked away in the mountain are the place where the most delicious dishes are cooked. Come and try the famous cheverme – lamb roasted on a spit over an open fire. Another famous dish is patatnik, made from potatoes, onion and eggs and fried in pan. The Rhodope klin is made from filo pastry with a filling of potatoes, rice or nettle, roasted in a baking dish over an open fire. Do not neglect to try kachamak, made from boiled corn flour and served with cheese or bacon. As a last course the Rhodope people eat marudnik – something like a pancake, baked on a tikla – a hot flat stone, and served with wild berries preserve.
The Rhodope Mountain is also famous for its big flocks of sheep and goats. Milk is part of life in the Rhodope. It is used to make cheese, yoghurt, kutmach – a thick boiled sheep’s milk, brano milk – thick sheep’s yoghurt, burkanitsa – a refreshing beverage made of skimmed milk.

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