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Predjama castle and Postojna cave

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Predjama castle and Postojna cave

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Corridor: Via Adriatica
Country: Slovenia, Postojna
Type: Fortress, Intangible Heritage
Epoch: Middle Ages
Theme: Fortresses, Intangible Heritage
World Heritage:
Middle AgesFortressesIntangible HeritageFortressIntangible Heritage

A few kilometres from the entrance to Postojna cave stands one of the most picturesque buildings in the whole of Slovenia. The castle, built in the 13th century and renovated in the Renaissance period, could defy a military siege for a whole year. The castle offers the experience of the medieval legend of the robber baron Erazem Predjamski. The stairs leading to the upper floors are carved into solid bedrock, and the secret niche hid treasure until recently! Near Postojna is the biggest and most world-renowned Slovenian cave system – the Postojna caves. A two million-year old and 27km long system of subterranean caves is one of the most easily accessible networks of underground caves in the world. A ride by electric train will be followed by a guided walk through a series of cave halls with stalactites, pillars and translucent curtains that create unforgettable impressions. The underground system is home to the mysterious, unique and rare amphibian Proteus Anguinus, or ‘human fish’, as it is popularly called here. Only 9km away stands one of the most interesting baroque castles of Slovenia, the Predjama castle. It appears to hang dramatically in the middle of a 123m high rocky cliff.

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