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Ribnik Fortress

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Ribnik Fortress

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Corridor: Diagonal Road
Country: Croatia, Karlovac
Type: Fortress, Historic Town
Epoch: Middle Ages
Theme: Fortresses
World Heritage:
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Ribnik is fortified town southwest of Ozalj. The Ribnik estate was owned in the 13-14th centuries by the Babonic family and Ban Mikac. From 1394, it passed into the hands of the Frankopans, for whom the town today was erected. From 1576, it was under Zrinski ownership, and later by Count Petazzi. From 1839, it was owned by F. Vukasovic, builder of the Lujzinska road and J. Gall, who maintained the manor in the 19th century, and as such, it is still under roof today. Ribnik is situated in the Obvrh Creek Valley, and is surrounded by a moat with a fish farm. It could be entered only by drawbridge. It was built on two stories, partly from well cut stone, and its basic form is an irregular circle, with a courtyard arcade in the centre. The defence tower (near the primary entrance) bearing the Frankopan coat-of-arms was very tall, and opposite it was the pentagonal tower with the fire pit. Between the two towers was a series of buildings in the form of a ring. A number of Late Gothic and Renaissance architectural details (a doorpost, windows, drains) have been preserved.

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