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Hussein-Pasha Mosque, Pljevlja

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Hussein-Pasha Mosque, Pljevlja

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Corridor: Diagonal Road
Country: Serbia, Pljevlja
Type: Islamic religious centre
Epoch: Middle Ages
Theme: Islamic Culture
World Heritage:
Middle AgesIslamic CultureIslamic religious centre

This mosque, one of the most beautiful mosques in South-Eastern Europe, was built in the end of the 16th century with a donation from Hussein Pasha Boljanic. Born in a small village near Plevlja, Hussein Pasha held a senior official position in Constantinople. The mihrab (niche for prayers), mimber (high pulpit) and mahfil (women’s gallery) are particularly richly decorated. The mosque has several old manuscripts and printed books. The pride of its collection is a manuscript of the Koran believed to be from the 16th century.
Council of Europe, RPSEE