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Medieval Royal Castle of Bobovac

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Medieval Royal Castle of Bobovac

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Corridor: Diagonal Road
Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bobovac, Vares Municipality
Type: Fortress
Epoch: Middle Ages
Theme: Fortresses
World Heritage:
Middle AgesFortressesFortress

Bobovac was the royal seats of Bosnian rulers from the reign of ban Stjepan II Kotromanic to the end of the Bosnian kingdom. Bobovac represents a typical example of a medieval architectural and urban ensemble perfectly integrated into its natural setting. The many archaeological remains testify to the life of the leading Bosnian feudal aristocracy integrated into the European culture of the time.
The whole complex consists of: the Royal Court with a gate decorated with a gothic portal bearing the coat of arms of King Tvrtko II and lanterns; the Upper Palace and forecourt, the Main tower, the Lower Palace with several buildings housed the workshops of master craftsmen skilled in precision crafts and another two-storey building occupied by the Franciscans (the Franciscans’ Palace).
Very near the Palace complex are: the Burial Chapel of Bosnian Kings and the Grand Church. Three royal tombstones were discovered in the chapel: those of Kings Ostoja, Tvrtko II and Tomas. The construction of the Grand Church began during the reign of King Tomas and his wife Katarina, but never advanced beyond the laying of the foundations.

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