Cultural Corridors of South East Europe

Ancient stadium of Philippopolis, 2009 - 2011

Architectural project

Architectural project

The Preliminary design project REVITALIZATION OF THE ANCIENT STADIUM IN PLOVDIV, IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE PROPOSALS OF THE MASTER PLAN OF PLOVDIV FOR "UNDERGROUND MUSEUM OF PHILIPOPOLIS" was developed by a team of ACT (partner in the project "The Ancient Stadium of Philipopolis - preservation, rehabilitation and urban renewal"): Prof. arch. Todor Krestev - Leader, arch. Donika Georgieva, arch. Miroslav Velkov, arch. Vera Kolarova, assoc. Prof. eng. Atanas Georgiev, eng. Mitko Zahariev, eng. Stefka Raykova, eng. Anton Vladimirov.

The preliminary design project is a direct application of phased proposals of the Master Plan of the city of Plovdiv in its parts: "Cultural heritage" and "Underground Planning", consistent with the capabilities of modern conditions. The architectural solution for the revitalization of the Ancient stadium of Philipopolis is a practical development of the set in the Master Plan concept for the "Underground Museum of Philipopolis" which aims at creating a system of underground and semi-underground and open ground spaces for full presentation of the urban archeology combined with attractive public functions.

The main objective of the preliminary design project is the revitalization of the national cultural value "Ancient Stadium". It covers the full conservation of the cultural value, the manifestation of its cultural values and the usage of its opportunities as a resource for sustainable development and improving the quality of the urban environment.

The project is revealed in three specific objectives:
1. Conservation, restoration and exhibition of the Ancient stadium of Philipopolis, expression of its overall structure and its integration into the urban environment.
2. Urban renewal of an city center area, adjacent to the Ancient stadium, improving the quality of urban environment and manifestation of its cultural and historical potential, in relation with archaeological value.
3. A step realization of the Master Plan of the city of Plovdiv in its part "Underground Museum of Philipopolis".

Thus, the unused now cultural resource of the Ancient stadium will manifest its true values: it will reveal to the people preserved its preserved original substance; by virtual means, using modern multimedia systems and information technology, it will also reveal the hidden or missing values.