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Staro selo (Old Village), open air museum

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Staro selo (Old Village), open air museum

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Corridor: Diagonal Road
Country: Serbia, Zlatibor Mountain, Sirogojno, Cajetina
Type: Vernacular Architecture
Epoch: 20th Century, Modern Times
World Heritage:
20th CenturyModern TimesVernacular Architecture

On Zlatibor, a marvelous mountainous region in west Serbia, a large number of old buildings have survived. Everything built there, in past times, was made of wood. So the local people became highly skillful in the use of wood. The old buildings that have survived were fashioned with great craftsmanship and illustrate a traditional art achieved by local population, as well as their style of living.
Since 1979 a number of the most typical buildings have been transmitted from the whole region to the open air museum of the village of Sirogojno.
Nowadays, there is a large area of open museum there, as well as many other tourist facilities were. There are many educational programs there, like summer schools of painting, wood processing and traditional crafts. Situated in a splendid green landscape, it is a very popular museum and one of the favorites for young people.